Thousands of Athenians gather at Athens’ Central Market, “Varvakios” on the night of Sunday 26 February to purchase Lenten food.







If you find yourself in Athens these days be sure to visit and photograph Athens’ Central Market, “Varvakios”. This chaotic, colorful market in Athens is a magnet for photographers. It keeps an edgy vibe of Athens making it different to other European cities’ markets. It’s not the prettiest area, but it has character to spare. Athenians of all social and economic statuses come here to choose from olives and cheese to seafood and spice; this market has it all.


The most interesting part is probably the meat market section, with hanging carcases under bright orange light bulbs giving a surreal atmosphere. Some of the butchers come from generations of butchers who have had stalls in the market for a century. Browse around listening to their loud voices as they call out their prices. The Athens’ Central Food Market will get you “life as it is” photos!

Every year, this day, the market opens late evening and stays open all night and it is the best time to visit it as hundreds of Athenians gather from late evening until the dawn of Ash Monday to find and purchase their Lenten food and all appropriate nibbles for the day.  Ash Monday is a major bank holiday in Greece marking the beginning of the 40-day Lent, free from meat or dairy products, before Easter.                                               A day dedicated to family and friends.





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