Andy Coulson reviewed Photo Walks in Athens5 star

When you visit a new city, with adventure and curiosity in your soul, you have two choices in order to satisfy that need to explore new places and experiences: wander around with a guidebook in your pocket, aimlessly treading the path of some anonymous average tour guide – or pick up your camera, open your eyes to new experiences, and find a friendly, knowledgeable and generous local photographer to walk with. Whether you’re a photographer or not, seeing the city through a photographer’s eyes is to open your own eyes to wonder. If he’s a passionate local too – even better. Vasilis of Photo Walks In Athens is just such a guide, if you’re looking to see the best of the city (and beyond) in your limited time available – do it. We have so little time, there’s so much to experience, get the very best experience for your precious effort. Vasilis will take you to the awesome famous historical places – but you’ll get there enjoying the journey AND the destination, weaving your way through markets, and alleys, and by hidden gems such as have inspired poets and authors and artists for thousands of years.
My day with Vasilis resulted in hundreds of photos I’ll keep forever, but much more importantly, memories of laughs and adventures fulfilled that have me looking forward to coming back to Athens, and walking with Vasilis again – and soon. Your Athens adventure couldn’t be in better hands.