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Green is the most restful color for the human eye. It’s the universal color of nature as well as represents fertility, rebirth and freedom. Bright green can be uplifting while dark green evokes a mental picture of a pine forest. Street signs are painted a metallic green background contrasted with white letters because the combination is believed to be the easiest to read and recognize for the human brain. However, as with most colors, green also brings forth some negative connotations. The phrase “green with envy” also gives way to guilt, ghastliness, sickness and disease.


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Red  is a bold color that rises attention! Red gives the impression of seriousness and dignity, stands for heat, fire and rage, it is known to escalate the body’s metabolism. Red also signifies passion and love, it promotes excitement and action. A bold color that signifies danger, that is why it’s used on stop signs. Using too much red should be done with caution because of its domineering qualities thus usually used in small quantity or at the backround of photos . Red is the most powerful of colors.


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This color is especially beneficial for nervous system of people whose job demands creativity and who often are under stress and tension. It neutralises sleeplessness, relieves neuralgic headaches, purifies and nourishes blood. It is used in curing difficult infectious diseases, rheumatism and epilepsy.


orange 1

Orange is a good balance between the passionate red and the “yellow of wisdom.” Orange is symbolic of endurance, strength and ambition. It can represent the fire and flame of the sun. Orange is said to also have the cheerful effect of yellow and is intensified in its closeness to the color red. Color of vitality and warmness.


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Blue  represents temperature, sky, water and ice. It is the second most powerful color. In some applications it can represent peacefulness and calmness. As pink represents femininity, blue represents masculinity. Blue is often associated with depressing emotions like sadness, gloom and fear. Blue is a contemplative color, meaning intelligence and strength. It is one of the most politically correct colors there is with no negative connotations of it anywhere on the globe.


yellow 1

Yellow is a color of intellect and intelligence. It inspires and stimulates and is the most visible color and the first one the human eye notices! Yellow, the color nearest to “light” leaves a warm and satisfying impression, lively and stimulating and in many cultures symbolizes deity. Dark yellow can be oppressive while light yellow is cheerful. Yellow’s stimulating nature and high visibility to the eye is the reason why road signs are bold yellow. Yellow birds, flowers and skies are sure to be eye-catchers just because of the way the mind and eye works!