Temple of Poseidon

On the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula, on Cape Sounion – just 30 minutes’ drive from Athens, stands the Doric style ancient Temple of God Poseidon, built in 440 B.C.  In Greek mythology, Poseidon was a god who controlled the sea and carried a trident. Because of its location, the Temple of Poseidon was heavily protected by the Athenians during the Peloponnesian War with fortification walls and towers. The miles of ocean views of the Aegean Sea, from this point, made the location the first line of defense against any unwelcome ships and a welcome sight for weary sailors; and a very famous spot for the unbelievable cliff side sunsets which makes it a photo destination!

Besides sunset goers, one can see a lot of photographers there from time to time. Others in the late afternoon experimenting on sunset photographs, others late evenings going for full moon photos and others later in the deep night (as I found myself) for astrophotography.

Astrophotography is a fine opportunity for a small ‘city get away’ since you need dark skies away from the city’s light pollution, get close to nature for a while and catch up with friends; it is always better to be with a friend photographer to spend the many, long hours needed for that kind of photography.

This timelapse was made in three hours with a Canon 24-70mm, f:2,8 attached to a Canon eos 7D taking 365 frames at 20″-f:3,5 -iso 1000 ( and a few shots of Jack Daniel’s!)

I hope you will enjoy it…