Athens is photogenic all year around!

Athens is one of those places that seem to be on every traveler’s wish list. And not just for summer. Athens can be a wonderful destination even in the fall. The extremely high temperatures are gone and the weather is still warm and pleasant to walk the streets. Plus it is guaranteed that the bright Mediterranean sun will be there to light up all your great photos of the city!
As the days shorten, crowds get thinner and it is more enjoyable to wander around the city’s attractions. Also, you get to experience a more true character of Athens and the Athenian life as everybody settles into the normal everyday routine and into a new gear for the coming winter.
Now is the time to find yourself in Athens and among one of our Photo Tours to live a true Athens city experience and at the same time to elevate your photographic skills taking advantage of the warm, sweet and softer autumn golden Athenian sun! Summertime in Greece means the (hot) sun is shining directly vertical and overhead so light quality is bad; strong and harsh. Like a splash of brightness! But now that the summer slowly blends into autumn, Earth has tilted so we see golden light because the rays of light we receive are longer, angled beams that gleam and cast long shadows and more intense blue skies.
Do take advantage of autumn discounts and the fun, friendly and expert photographic guidance, book a Photo Tour now and indulge in the sweet autumn of Athens city!


Go now, it’s cheaper!
A wide range of flights have special offers and lower prices at this time that make Athens a convenient and desirable destination.

Luxury stay for less!
All hotels now drop their prices as they are not so busy and that makes your stay a more personal experience.

Walk here:
Dionysiou Areopagitou Street; one of the city’s most popular and scenic pedestrian promenade, where the modern Greek capital links with its ancient sites. It is named after Dionysius the Areopagite, the first Athenian convert to Christianity after Apostle Paul’s sermon, according to the Acts of the Apostles.
One of our most popular and on budget photo tour that takes us to emblematic archaeological sites, a 16th-century picturesque little church, viewing areas, and also introduce you to the neoclassical and modern architecture of the buildings along the vibrant pedestrian walkway that changes its name to Apostolou Pavlou as we head towards the hip Thisseio area. Our photo-route will introduce you to art deco style Athenian buildings,  the Acropolis Museum, the Theater of Dionysos where competitions took place for the best dramas in honor of the pleasure god, Dionysos, the Herodes Atticus Theater; the 2nd century A.D once cedar-roofed “Irodion” at the foot of the Acropolis, holds today Athens Festival performances on balmy evenings, views of the Parthenon all along the route, the Areopagus where trials were held and finally to lively Thisseio area full of coffee shops, street vendors and artists where you can sit down for a coffee break or a pikilia! (hot or cold mixed appetizers).
On this photo tour of you will be able to capture the local street life, street artists, Athenian archaeological landmarks, views of the Acropolis and classic Athenian architectural details. And all that under the warm, golden sun of autumn Athens expert photographic guidance!


Syntagma Square; one of Athens’s hubs – the most central city’s square where the Greek Parliament stands. Take a stroll along Mitropoleos Street and you pass the Metropolitan Cathedral, a marble joy finished in 1862. Through Kolokotroni Street wonder in all the vertical small pedestrianized alleys and join the hundreds of Athenians to enjoy a drink in the open or a coffee or lunch in one of the numerous lovely café-bars.
You are into the downtown’s hotspot! Sit back, relax and photograph from your table the Athenian life passing in front of you!


– Further westward footsteps will bring you to Monastiraki Square; one of the busier neighborhoods of central Athens always full of life, and a fantastic stop in our “Athens Full Day Photo Marathon” (
Also a flea market neighborhood and one of the main shopping districts in Athens. An area with a cool vibe, a popular metro station and a large square where youth hang out providing you a variety of great photo opportunities to document Athenian life. Ancient ruins, shopping streets, busy passersby, street vendors and lots of graffiti will provide witty and lively scenery for plenty of candid and street photography!


– Following Athena’s Street, we reach Athens’ Central Food Market (Varvakios Agora). This chaotic, colorful market in Athens is a magnet for street photographers. It keeps an edgy vibe of Athens making it different to other European cities’ markets. It’s not the prettiest area, but it has a character to spare. Athenians of all social and economic statuses come here to choose from olives and cheese to seafood and spice; this market has it all. The most interesting part is probably the meat market section, with hanging carcasses under bright orange light bulbs giving a surreal atmosphere. Some of the butchers come from generations of butchers who have had stalls in the market for a century. Browse around listening to their loud voices as they call out their prices. The Athens’ Central Food Market will get you “life as it is” photos!


Visit museums and archaeological sites without heat-or people-waves!
– Explore the Theater of Dionysus and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, both at the foot of the Acropolis, as well as the district’s famous New Acropolis Museum, designed by architect Bernard Tschumi and Michael Photiadis, before winding up at the nearby Pnyx hill, where ancient Athenians gathered for their popular assemblies, with great views of Acropolis rock
– The National Archaeological Museum is always one of your “must” visits when in Athens. Have a coffee in its outdoor space and admire the fabulous botanical garden featuring various uncommon plants referenced in Greek mythology. Information signs explain the names and history of the plants.
– Admire the Temple of Zeus, another beloved stop in our “On the path of the old Athens” photo tour ( that provides us great photo opportunities with Acropolis in the background!
– Climb all the way up to the highest point of the center row of the Panathenaic Stadium; the astonishing petal shaped, all made of marble stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games of 1896 took place. Take in the entire atmosphere and views to the city topped with cinder-grey cumulus clouds and come up with killer landscape panoramic photos! A very photogenic landmark of Athens that we get to photograph in our photo tours by Photo Walks in Athens in many different photographic styles and characters!




Explore Plaka!
Lose yourself among the beautiful and narrow labyrinth streets of “Plaka”, the area of Athens untouched by the time. Plaka is the old historical neighborhood of Athens, clustered around the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis, and incorporating labyrinthine streets and neoclassical architecture. Plaka is built on top of the residential areas of the ancient town of Athens. It is known as the “Neighborhood of the Gods” due to its proximity to the Acropolis and its many archaeological sites. The name “Plaka” was not in use until after the Greek War of Independence. Instead, the Athenians of that time referred to the area by various names such as Alikokou, Kontito, Kandili, or by the names of the local churches. The name Plaka became commonly in use in the first years of the rule of King Otto. The origin of the name is uncertain: it has been theorized to come from Arvanite “Pliak Athena”, meaning “Old Athens”, or from the presence of a “plaque” which once marked its central intersection. We visit this area that is included in almost all our Photo Tours and we photo-explore the tucked-away areas around the slopes of the Acropolis and uncover their ancient and recent past. Our Photo Walk will pass by the most picturesque spots and reveal fantastic photographic opportunities!

Athens is a wonderful city to walk around no matter the weather!
The Athenian light never seems to lose its beauty. It is still there in the winter months, bright as always but somewhat sweeter reviving the winter colors. The usually –but not always- mild temperatures will have you wanting to walk the city and photograph it again and again!



Choose now one of our Photo Walks and live the experience of discovering the heart and soul of the amazing city of Athens under fun, friendly and expert photographic guidance!


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